Dirce's Iolausian Groupies List

Status: The Groupies List Membership is currently OPEN.

So, what ARE Groupies?
Or, if you want to get reaquainted with Mr. Hurst himself...

So, are you an Iolausian? An Iolausian with a website? An extremely obsessed Iolausian with a website? You've come to the right place, my friend! Dirce's list is the exact thing you need to join! And it's easy and simple! She does all the work, all you do is let her know.

Above is an example of her handiwork! And just think, she didn't have to write any new laws to make it! :-) She then adds to her list of Groupies. There are now 45 Groupies!

You DON'T have to have a HERCULES or XENA related page to join! All you need is to have a website. You can proudly display your loyalty to the Golden Hunter with your own custom Iolausian Groupie graphic! Just link it back to this page. Isn't this just wonderful?

Please! If you change your site's URL let me know so I can update your link!

All Dirce Needs:

- Your name
- Your website URL and its name
- A silly quote to put under the graphic's picture (try to keep it short! :-)

Dirce's List!

(1.) The Iolausian Dimension - Iolausian Groupie #1.

(2.) BonaDea's Bodacious Homepage - Iolausian Groupie #2.

(3.) Becker's Sidekick Website - Iolausian Groupie #3.

(4.) Augustodunum - Iolausian Groupie #4.

(5.) Herculinks! - Iolausian Groupie #5.

(6.) Klio's Iolaus: The Legendary Journeys - Iolausian Groupie #6.

(7.) JediK1's Xena and Hercules Page - Iolausian Groupie #7.

(8.) The Iolaus Fan Page - Iolausian Groupie #8.

(9.) Amanda's Zarconia - Iolausian Groupie #9. (My sister groupie!)

(10.) Margui's Menagerie - Iolausian Groupie #10.

(11.) The Iolausian Wheel of Torture - Iolausian Groupie #11.

(12.) Ceridwen's Greecian Gazette - Iolausian Groupie #12. (Site link lost!)

(13.) *Ghost Groupie* (I just could NOT give someone this number, lol!)

(14.) Shambalayogi's Retreat - Iolausian Groupie #14.

(15.)The Temple of Iolaus Homepage - Iolausian Groupie Livia #15.

(16.)The Young & The Hercless - Iolausian Groupies Shannon & Nicole #16.

(17.)The Less Than Legendary Journeys - The LTL Mafia Groupies #17.

(18.)Hercules & Other Legendary Heros - Rose~of~Gaul Groupie #18.

(19.)Allison Costa's Xena & Hercules Site - AllisonCosta Groupie #19.

(20.)Thalya's Iolausian Dream - Thalya Groupie #20.

(21.)The Golden Hunter's Lair - Alayna Groupie #21.

(22.)Eyes of the World - Arysele Groupie #22.

(23.) JMSSTYX's Iolausian Paradise - JMSSTYX Groupie #23.

(24.)Lyric's Lair - Lyric Groupie #24.

(25.)Sword's Xena Page - Cheryl Groupie #25.

(26.)Aidynn's Michael Hurst Page - Aidynn Groupie #26.

(27.)Gypsy's Website - TV's Gypsy Groupie #27.

(28.)Kleandra's Iolausian Stronghold - Kleandra Groupie #28.

(29.)Deianerra's Hercules Page - Deianerra Groupie #29.

(30.)Cindy's Fan Fiction Website - Cindy Groupie #30.

(31.) Jenny's Fan Fiction Page - Jenny Groupie #31.

(32.)Niobe's Iolausian Paradise - Niobe Groupie #32.

(33.)Lelia's Callisto & Gabrielle Shrine - Lelia Groupie #33.

(34.)The Galactic Lounge - Jill Groupie #34.

(35.)Draco's Nest - Tympani Groupie #35.

(36.)Anat's Little Xena Page - Anat Groupie #36.

(37.)The Scrapheap - Darknyss Groupie #37.

(38.)Sooner Die In Your Arms... - Illyandria Groupie #38.

(39.)Skylark's Fan Fiction - Skylark Groupie #39.

(40.)Electra's World - Electra Groupie #40.

(41.)Greek Amazon's Homepage - Greek Amazon Groupie #41.

(42.)The Young Hercules Anti Mary Sue Site - Saiko Groupie #42.

(43.)Iolausian Dreamspace - Katie Groupie #43 (Site being reconstructed?)

(44.)Scrolls of the Bard - Chrissy & Tania Groupies #44.

(5.)The Divine Gabrielle Site - Magdalena Iolausian Groupie #45.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me for your custom-made Iolausian Groupie banner today! You will receive your graphic in less than a week! I will notify Dirce as soon as she comes back with Iolaus... :-)

Hugs to Beckers and Bonadea for alerting their Iolausian friends about this! Spread the word... :-)

Updated December 21th, 2000.