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Updates:July 20th - Read Mania by Beckers, posted by permission from the author.

A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES - by Xerena: This is a story about the first night after Xena turned from her evil ways. As this night begins, so begin the nightmares ... of her past. Will Xena let Hercules inside her mind and soul, to comfort, confront and bring peace? Will Xena tell him about her evil past, that which has haunted The Warrior Princess in her dreams? Rating: PG.

GRIEF - by Wildcat: Iphicles returns home, discovering Alcmene has died. Why does he hold a murderous grudge against Jason? Can Hercules find out, before it's too late? Rating: G.

A BROTHER'S SACRIFICE - by Kalynn: One of the best stories I've had the honor of posting, this plays off of how much our heros care about each other. Highly recommended for all Iolausians. Rating: PG.

MANIA - by Beckers.: Alone - in a dark, claustrophobic and windowless cell - Iolaus contemplates how he got there and how it was his best friend, Hercules, that brought him to this. Rating: PG.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO SCYROS... - by Ingrid and Beckers: A comedy in which a bet made by Cupid and Aphrodite turns a trip to Scyros into one that Gabrielle, Iolaus, Joxer and Dirce will never forget. Rating: PG.

REBIRTH - by Beckers and Ingrid: The authors' version of "The Return Of Iolaus" after events dipicted in the 5th season of H:TLJ. Features Xena, Gabrielle, and...Dahak. Amazingly, this was written nearly a month before Darkness Rising ever aired! Rating: PG.

ALTERNATE ARMAGEDDON - by Beckers:A replacement scene for the HERCULES episode "Armageddon Now" which has Iolaus acting the hero and a certain blond bard happy her legs are still unbroken! Rating: PG.

CAMPFIRE - by Ingrid : Hercules and Iolaus take refuge from a storm in a cave near the ocean, the perfect time for Hercules to find out what's bothering his best friend. Rating: G.

THE WIND CARRIES YOU - by Ingrid :A Hercules and Xena crossover taking place a few months after the H:TLJ episode, "Redemption." With Zarathustra as Iolaus' spiritual guide, the hunter learns how to cope with being a Guardian. When transported through to another world, Hercules, Gabrielle and Xena meet up with Iolaus. Written a full two months before the airing of Revelations. Rating: PG.

HOW CLOSE WE WERE - by Ingrid: Part One of an adventure in Attica, with Iolaus, Niobe, Hercules and more. With Niobe no longer queen and Attica at war, how will Hercules and Iolaus stop Attica from being destroyed...and how will Niobe tell Iolaus she's still in love with him? Rating: PG.

HOW CLOSE WE WERE - Part Two - by Ingrid:In the second chapter of How Close We Were, the battle to save Attica begins, Iolaus and Niobe discover an ally on Malcus' side, and a soldier of Hector's makes the ultimate sacrifice. Rating: PG.

HOW CLOSE WE WERE - Part Three - by Ingrid:In the conclusion of How Close We Were, a promise secretly kept by Niobe for Orestes is revealed and Iolaus must make a decision between leaving his best friend's side or staying with the former queen.

AFTERTHOUGHTS - by Ingrid : A unique recollection crossover in which Gabrielle is expressing her thoughts of a recent day in one of her many scrolls. Guess who she spent it with... :-) Rating: PG.

SOULMATE LAMENT - by Beckers:Gabrielle's thoughts of Iolaus after hearing of his death. Written Feb. 2 1999. Rating: G.

THE SIBLING TERROR - by Beckers:Hercules attempts to locate a wounded Iolaus who has been taken in by two odd but seemingly harmless old sisters. Yet, what are those bizarre sounds during the night? Danger! Includes guest appearances by Gabrielle and Lydia (f/ "Pride Cometh Before a Brawl"). Rating: PG.

COMING AROUND - by Beckers: Startling news from the God of War for Gabrielle and Xena starts off this tale. How can Gabrielle deal with a man she sees as Iolaus, yet she knows he could never be the same? Highly recommended for Iolausians struggling to comprehend 5th Season. :-) Rating: PG.

CONSEQUENCES: THE DEBT - by Beckers: When Ares helped Gabrielle travel to China, he of course had his motives. Now Gabrielle must repay the debt she the most unusual and unexpected of ways. Rating: PG-13.

CONSEQUENCES: THE DEBT - PART TWO - by Beckers: The continuation of Consequences: The Debt in which Ares captures Hercules, Iolaus and Gabrielle and sets up the bard so that it is believed she is Princess Armeta. Rating: PG-13.

CONSEQUENCES: THE DEBT - CONCLUSION - by Beckers: The Conclusion of Becker's most thrilling tale yet. Hercules has to make a deal so the future of two lovers can be healed... Rating:PG-13.

THANKS... - by Beckers: A touching short story taking place shortly after the 6th season H:TLJ episode, "Bedeviled." Rating: G.

KIRRA'S JOURNEY - by Jenny L.: Episode One of a series entitled The Paths Taken. Attending a festival in his honor, Hercules meets a young girl named Kirra, whose shy heroworship of him gets her into more trouble than Hercules bargained for. He is soon faced with a situation he's rarely encountered nor prepared for--domestic abuse. Rating: PG-13.

IN THE SIGHT OF VENGEANCE - by CCAmazon: A humorous short story in which Aphrodite and Iolaus must stop Joxer's plan with Ares to win Gabrielle back before the big wedding! Rating: PG.

WHAT IF - by CCAmazon: A four-part Iolaus and Gabrielle adventure! Rating: PG.

SWEET CHILD OF MINE - by CCAmazon:A motherless daughter of Ares is framed for the murder of Nemesis by Discord. Only Iolaus knows that Jade is not the murderer! Rating: PG-13.

THE BEGINNING - by CCAmazon:The long-awaited sequel to "WHAT IF" also by CCAmazon. This time, Aphrodite' helps (in her own little ways, lol) to bring Iolaus home before the baby arrives! :-) Rating: PG.

HERA'S RETURN - by CCAmazon: A sweeping story of what war can do and how love survives, starring Herc and Xena. Rating: PG.

Behind Every Good Man... - by CCAmazon: This story takes place a few months after "The Academy." Zylus is back for revenge, and this time, the best man for the job is a woman, lol! This story is now completed. Rating: PG.

Gone But Not Forgotten & In Remembrance & Faded Memories -by CCAmazon: Actually three short stories about Gabrielle and Iolaus' reactions to each other's deaths...and a modern tale of a girl haunted by mysterious dreams of the past. Rating: PG.

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