Golden Visions

by Livia Augusta

I Will Remember You

Upon reflection, it seems
The time we had has flown,
Slipped quickly through my fingers
Like a leaf in an autumn wind blown.
Silly now remembering
How wonderful things were then
How odd it feels to be crying
Over "I remember when."
Why does no one treasure
The moments until they are past?
Why is it we never cherish
The times that can never last?
Still, I suppose it is better
Late than never to see
That the things we forget to honor
Are the things we want always to be.

Jesterís Lament

They want me to replace him
But I can't.
They want me to learn what he knew...
But it isn't me.
They want me to be the same
But I can't be.
I have my own hopes, dreams, and longings,
But no one cares.

Paying Dues

I have tried so carefully
To learn how things went wrong,
Have tried to organize my thoughts
In a story or a song,
But I cannot find
A place to start,
A way to soothe
My aching heart.
It all began in Britannia,
In the temple there
A place where darkness conquered good...
But who said life was fair?
After so much time and suffering,
I thought Hope was gone,
That we'd finally conquered Dahok
The battle with evil was won.
And then we heard from Hercules
That Dahok had survived.
He had been killed but at the cost
Of our friend Iolaus's life.
Now I can't help wondering
How things might have been changed
How perhaps if I'd listened to Xena,
Iolaus might have been saved.
But I guess its far too late
To turn back the hands of time.
I suppose all the loss and pain
Are the price I've paid for my crime.

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