Friendship In Poetry

Written by Iolausian Groupie Ingrid

Traveler's Song

We two have been through it all
I've seen you rise,
You've seen me fall
And one thing's certain
I can say it's true -
I wouldn't have made it,
Without you.

The time has come,
We know what to do
For many a battle
We've made it through.
And with each other,
We have a bond
For life and death - and there, beyond.

The path not tread,
The road ahead
Is calling us to come,
The faults we've made
With sword, with blade,
The victories we've won.

We two have been through it all,
You've seen me rise,
I've seen you fall
Whenever I have need you
Or you have need me,
I pray we have the courage
To keep all safe and free.

To always lend that helping hand,
Even when the sun has gone
For we know, that when together,
We can right the worldly wrong.

The Promise

Just look over your shoulder,
I'll be there
It's perfectly natural,
And equally fair

That if you should protect me,
I'll keep your guard
Our lives are a gamble,
But we hold the cards.

Over the mountains,
Across the seas
I'll keep your guard,
If you'll watch for me.

This is our friendship,
And how it came to be
I'll watch for you,
And you'll watch for me.

Winds Of Change

Four travelers walk the worn bend,
The day's adventure at and end.
They'd give their lives and hands to lend;
to each the other, a dear friend.

The tallest, broad shouldered, warm and kind,
His closest friend walks by his side.
The other, a woman, leather-clad in black;
The bard beside her guards her back.

The youngest tells of the journey East,
And how her heart was now at ease;
To shed her haunting memories,
she'd lead a life of love and peace.

The night has fallen, the trail pitch-black;
There is no light to call them back.
They gather 'round an open flame,
to share their stories, joy, and pain.

The golden hunter is next to tell
Of the heaven he'd lived from defeating hell;
And the bard recalls she's part of that soul
The Guardian of Light who'd saved their world.

The burning branches spark and glow;
The hunter and the bard both know
That nothing in a smile can halt time's flow
And come the dawn, they'll have to go.

They'll separate to say goodbyes,
She'll want to smile, but she'll have to sigh;
And on her lips he'll lay a kiss,
to let her know that she'll be missed.

The dark haired woman sounds her warrior cry;
Beckons the bard to the horse they'll ride.
Two heros watch them fade 'round the bend,
Chance winds that blew - parted them in the end.

The Path

I walked the path alone today
There was no friend to guide my way.
What I'd fought for...was lost
and there was no way to bring you back.

That joy in your eyes;
the warmth in your smile
I'd taken for granted
Though all the while

I wished for those best of times
that we had together.
And as I tred, winded and lonely,
I ask you, friend,
to remember me.

All poetry on this page is copyrighted by me, Ingrid,:-)