The Soulmates Award

Awarded to a website dedicated to Iolaus, Gabrielle,
or the talented people who bring them to life.

I've decided to return the award to its popular original design.

How to Win an Award

Receiving a Soulmates award is not hard at all. There are no specific categories for the award, so you can apply with your site for fan fiction, images, reviews, anything. Awards attract more people to your page and can increase your site's traffic. They are very positive things!

To apply to win an award, just email me:

- Your website address
- Your name
- Who your site is dedicated to (Renee, Gabrielle, Michael, Iolaus...)
- Any other random babblings you see fit to send!

My email addy is:


BonaDea's Bodacious HomePage (Outstanding Fan Site)
The Less Than Legendary Journeys (Outstanding Fan Fic Site)
Becker's Sidekick Website (Outstanding New Website)
The Young & The Hercless (Outstanding Fan Fic Site)
The Temple Of Iolaus Homepage (Outstanding Website)
Lelia's Gabrielle Shrine
The Golden Hunter's Lair

Updated April 22nd with The Golden Hunter's Lair a winner!