One of the original pages of the Iolausian Dimension, the "Iolaus Is Mine" joke started in my site's monthly polls. And so this delightful romp in the Iolausverse was born. Enjoy!

Send me your reasons now, we're up to 43 of them! Because, after all, we're not crazy, we're not obsessed, we're Iolausians! :-)

1. "Iolaus is mine because I said so."

2. "Iolaus is mine because I'm part Greek."

3. "I don't know why he's mine...I just have a feeling."

4. "I don't know when it quite hit me...must've been that arrow...hmm..."

5. "Because .... we're the same height. We can look each other in the eye!" :)

6. "I really can't say what made me first adore's a H:TLJ unsolved mystery! "

7. "It must've been during that scene in Prometheus at the end when we find out Iolaus did hear what Gabby said..."

8. "Iolaus is mine because the Gods on Mount Olympus have declared it so!"

9. "Hm...why is he mine? Do I really need a reason? I think that in a way Iolaus belongs to every Iolausian. But lay one finger on him, and I'll..."

10. "Iolaus is sooo cute! I can't think of a reason why he's mine! And what's with his food obsession lately?"

11. "He's mine since I have connections with Celestia in the other mortal can declare that!

12. "Okay, so why is he"

13. "He's mine! DON'T TOUCH!"

14. "I've cut off the flow of blood to your you'd better get it! He's mine!"

15. "He has to be one of the most beautiful faces we've come across yet on this show...he's an angel, and he's mine! Don't touch! You heard me!!"

16. "Michael Hurst has to be the most talented actor on either H:TLJ or X:WP. He's brilliant whether performing as a comedian or as a dramatic actor. I love him as Iolaus, and since my name is Jennifer...well, you know the rest...(LOL)"

17. "Simply put, he really does belong to all of us in a way. But like everyone else on this page, I'd have to say he'd be my chosen one if I was a Goddess!!"

18. "How can I answer this? Can I really say he belongs to me? Oh, I can? Really? Are you sure? Okay...HE'S MINE! HANDS OFF!!!! YEAH, YOU!!!"

19. "Iolaus is mine because...because...because his mine!! And don't you dare touch him or I'll..."

20. "Iolaus is mine because I saw him ten-thousand four hundred twenty-first, and that is what counts!"

21. "I would be his bodyguard and he would have never died! And whoever tries to kill or steal will eat chakram! Because I-I-I-I-I Will Always Love Iolaus!"

22. "Iolaus is mine because, well, one look at that beautiful face, and that body, and you'll know why! Hands off, the Golden Hunter is MINE!"

23. "Iolaus is mine because I said so! Now buzz off, or I'll chakram your butt from here to the Elysian Fields!"

24. "Iolaus is mine because he enjoys sleeping in narrow dustbins in the foot of my garden hedge. Thank you."

25. "Iolaus' soul is mine, and I self-declare myself immortal. You know the rest!"

26. "I'm a new Iolausian, and his soul is mine now, sorry Gabby!"

27. "He's mine because I LOVE him and I've met Michael in person since I used to live in New Zealand!"

28. "Admit it, everyone, there's a bit of Iolausian in all of us...especially me! You suffer!"

29. "Oh, and Iolaus is mine, because he said so. He really did. I heard him. Really."

30. "He's mine, because I can't get him out of my mind. Those eyes; those lips! He's truly gorgeous... I never realized how attractive a man like Michael could be... Same height as me; finest body that could ever be!!! My love for him is eternal...."

31. "Iolaus is mine because I deserve the best!"

32. "Iolaus is mine because the Jester and his songs annoy me! I want the one and only, baby!"

33. "Iolaus is mine because Michael is already married. Hey, what else could be next best...of course, Iolaus!"

34. "To put it simply, in as plain terms as possible for all of you, I must declare, the golden hunter is mine, no one else's."

35. "Iolaus is mine because I live in New Zealand and they are always in the need for more extras..... :)"

36. "Iolaus is mine now, so hands off, Renee O'Connor!"

37. "He's mine, all mine, mine, mine, I mean it, HEY GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM, YEAH THAT MEANS YOU, AND YOU, DON'T TRY TO HIDE.." (lol)

38. "Iolaus is MINE. Good thing I know how to share..." :-)

39. "Iolaus is mine because I am his High Priestess! I have him tied up, er, waiting in my room right now. You can see him by appointment ONLY!" (You should SEE the waiting list...)

40. "Ladies!! Ladies...will you all quit fighting over my man? He is and always will be my man. I have nursed all his wounds, I have laughed with him and cried when he died and my heart fell to my feet when he came back as dahak. I have journeyed to the land of the dead and our souls have joined. So GET BACK all of you and HANDS OFF my man!!!!!"

41. "Ok, here's my reason. Iolaus is mine because I said so and that's all anyone needs to know! So, HANDS OFF! THIS MEANS YOU!"

42. "Iolaus is mine because...I'm a Godess and I chose him to be with me. He is fighting on my side - I made him stronger than Herc! I have made him the best warrior there could ever be! So....BACK OFF! Thank-you!"

43. "Iolaus is mine because the Fates have declared it so and not even the gods can change that. So back off, all of you!"

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