Iolausian Dimension Collages

by Ingrid

These collages were created using Paint Shop Pro Version 6.0 and its many features in effects, textures and text styles. These could not have been created without images scanned/captured by Martha of the Less Than Legendary Journeys, and Janet of the Iolausian Paradise. Thank you, Janet, for generously letting me use your captures. Yes, this page is graphics heavy.

The above image is probably one of the best things I've created thus far with Paint Shop. I started with a blank image, buttonized its edges (solid option) and used the stone feature in the textures (under effects). It's a great program - you can pick from several different options and even the angle at which the stone or swirl effect leans at! Then I gathered several images, feathered them into the blank image - using eclipse, circle, and square shapes. I tried to "blend" them together, but not too much because I didn't want to block or leave out any part of each image. The image of Herc & his pal from Full Circle is actually one of the two that Andulasia's Retreat graciously donated to me for my collages.

This second collage is actually the original for one that I made for my friend Becky's page. Once again, I used the feathering method to blend the images. When I did this, the outside boudaries of each image would fade so they could blend together easier than if I'd just tried to smoosh them all in. I used the buttonizing feature again on this one, also. If you buttonize first (the blank image) and then try to add texture, etc, to the border after finishing the entire collage, it will most likely (the effect) cover those images as well. The best thing to do is start with a buttonized border first if you want one. Then add in the images to continue with the collage. The images of Gabrielle and Iolaus come from Tom's Xena Page.

This is my absolute favorite! I started with a unique sun/moon background and worked from there. I buttonized the border as solid and left it plain because I didn't want anything to distract the viewer from the collage itself. There are three themes in here being symbolized. The river, of the path leading to the future, the smaller images represent struggles that have been dealt with to get there. The sun and moon together is a reminder of the episode Revelations in which Iolaus returned. Once again, I have to say thank you to Martha for supplying me with another batch of gorgeous images to toy with. :)

I have been waiting a long time for just the right collection of images to make a mantra for Revelations, the return of Iolaus and a peek at a higher power beyond the Olympian gods. My only regret is not including the "villains" of the plot which include the Archangel Michael and Ares, God of War. This collage focuses on the first moments of Herc and Iolaus' reunion. Once again, Martha has supplied me with more than enough inspiration from her scanned images for this creation. This remains to be one of my favorite episodes in H:TLJ's 6-year series history. Enjoy. :)

This Iolaus college was originally supposed to be the artwork accompanying an article I wanted to write, but time constraints became too great to write it the way I wanted it. But I didn't want my artwork to go to waste! It's more plain in creation than my previous colleges in that I didn't buttonize or incorporate the images into a background. It's a favorite of mine in that it's all Iolaus.

As you can imagine, these things take a few hours to create. If you get frustrated, take a break and continue the next day. I usually work on them for a half an hour every other day before I decide to put them online.

Happy creating! More to come soon!

Background from Web Warriors
These collages should not be on other webpages without my permission.