This site has been presented with 10 different awards.

This award was given to me by Caroline's Hercules Page.
It was the very first award presented to my site.

The second award I received, this time from HUG!

My third award...from Warrior Maiden's Authentic Iolauses Page.

This award makes the 4th one my site has won. Thank you, Lyric!

My fifth award. I'd say it needs no introduction! LOL!

Oh, such a lovely, lovely thing! (Sorry, too much...And Fancy Free:-)

Another award! Whoa, mamma! Thanks, Livia! :-)

This award is from my sister's site for U2. She wore lemon...

This one comes from my good friend and occasional co-author in fan fic, Beckers.

This is one of the most wonderful ones I've received - from the good folks at Less Than Legendary Journeys.